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2024 Summer Camp for Adults

Join us for Summer Camp for Adults!

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PROGRAM: 2024 Summer Camp for Adults


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Let’s ALL go to camp! Created by popular demand, Summer Camp for Adults is a half-day experience that allows grown-ups to travel back in time to when they attended (or didn’t get to attend!) summer camp as children- but with an adult twist! Offered on three Saturdays this summer, each experience will include a fun science experiment, a unique nature-based craft, a fun, adult-themed tour of the garden, and a lunchbox full of nostalgic childhood favorites including an uncrustable pb and j, goldfish crackers, and more. We will finish off our day with an “adult juice box” of wine in the garden! Each camp date has a different theme. Join us for just one or all of them! You’re sure to have a memorable time.

The Secret Garden
July 20, 4-8pm

What's more magical than the discovery of a secret garden? Join us to explore some of the hidden haunts at the Arboretum. 

Into the Plantiverse
August 3, 4-8pm

Join us as we explore the super world of plants at the Arboretum. We will discover plants that inspired comic characters, plants that should have their own comic books and maybe encounter a few super plant villains along the way. 

Lights, Camera, Arboretum
August 31, 4-8pm

What makes the Arboretum an ideal film shoot location? Come find out why and learn some behind the scenes of some of the masterpieces filmed here.